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Ние сме професионалисти в езиковите подбори и можем лесно и бързо да Ви намерим нови колеги, говорещи няколко езика.


можем лесно и бързо да Ви намерим нови колеги

About Us

We are consultants specialized in language recruitment. We understand different languages and have deep knowledge of this market segment. We support the community of outsourcing centers, sales, marketing, finance, logistics, customer support etc. that require multiple languages.

We have built competencies to hire people with different languages easily, quickly and efficiently. We have built methodology for each candidate to be able to swiftly enter the specifics of work tasks, to adapt to the new environment and to progress within.


We know well the industry, the market and the various language communities. In a fast way we can reach a large number of people who speak different languages.


We understand the business and the specifics of the different centers. It is easy for us to make the connection between the skills of people and the appropriate professional realization.


Examining the motivation and potential of each candidate, we become a reliable partner in long-term professional consulting.


In addition to the saved time and efforts, the results we achieve are highly effective and with a great added value.


Your business requires employees, advanced in different languages.

You aim to expand the team rapidly!

You are looking for an overall solution so you can quickly and efficiently hire ready and reliable people to fill the vacancies. You need a partner who is specialized in language recruitment, understands your requirements and is aware of the specifics of your business.

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