Client advisor with Flemish and French


Are you fluent in Flemish and French, and ready to light up the world of customer support? We’re on the hunt for vibrant individuals to join our squad as Customer Support Wizards at our cutting-edge company!

Contact me:

Milena Milenkova

Language Recruiter

Get ready to dazzle customers with your linguistic wizardry as you embark on an exhilarating journey to provide top-notch support!

What’s in Store for You:

🔍 Dive headfirst into customer inquiries, armed with your Flemish and French fluency and a dash of magic.

🎤 Communicate with flair and finesse, delivering resolutions and assistance through phone, email, and chat channels.

💡 Enchant customers with your product knowledge and guide them through their journey with charm and expertise.

🚀 Team up with fellow wizards to conquer challenges and create moments of pure delight for our customers.

What You’ll Bring to the Table:

🌟 Fluent in both Flemish and French – your linguistic prowess is your ticket to the wizarding world!

💪 Previous experience in customer support or a related field – you’re no stranger to the art of creating magical customer experiences.

🎯 Laser-focused on customer satisfaction, with a knack for turning even the trickiest situations into triumphs.

🚀 Ready to unleash your magic in a team environment, bringing your spellbinding energy to every interaction.

Why Join the Adventure:

💰 Competitive salary and perks that would make even the most seasoned wizards jealous – because your talents deserve to be rewarded handsomely!

🌍 Boundless opportunities for growth and development in a dynamic and supportive environment.

🌈 Flexible work arrangements designed to fit your unique magical journey – whether you prefer the enchantment of on-site work or the freedom of a hybrid setup, we’ve got you covered.

🚀 Be part of a company that’s not just changing the game – we’re rewriting the entire spellbook!

Ready to embark on a magical adventure and make waves in the world of customer support? Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Send us your resume and a cover letter that captures your enchanting spirit and tells us why you’re the wizard we’ve been searching for.

Apply now:

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