Who are we?

Center Stars is specialized in the field of language and BPO recruitment, providing innovative solutions to companies looking for people with various languages skillset. We can offer alternative solutions for each language group in order to quickly and effectively meet the needs of our customers. Learn more about our services below.

How we work?

We partner businesses which require employees, advanced in different languages, or aim to expand their team rapidly. We provide overall solution so businesses can quickly and efficiently hire ready and reliable people to fill the vacancies.


We know well the industry, the market, and the various language communities. We are fast in reaching a large number of people who speak different languages.


We understand the business and the specifics of the different centers. We easily make the connection between people skills and the appropriate professional realization for them.


We examine the motivation and potential of each candidate. We become a reliable partner in long-term professional consulting both for candidates and for businesses.


We save time and effort both for the candidates and the business, achieving results in an effective way with a great added value.

What we do?

Languages we hire for

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, Estonian, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese …and others

Job profiles we hire for

Function: Customer support, Technical support, System and network support, Finance and accounting, Sales, Marketing; Level: Senior and Mid-level Managers, Team Leads, Junior, Regular and Senior Specialists, Interns, Admin roles

Approach to new projects

Detailed Role discussion with the Hiring Manager & HR

Analyzing Key Success Indicators and Building a Profile for the Role

Integrated Recruitment Campaign to target suitable professionals

Interviewing & Selection as per the Profile agreed


We DO Language Recruitment!

We DO Language Recruitment!

We support the BPO community and all the people who want to benefit from their language skills.

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