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Boyan Sokolov

Language Recruiter

My name is Boyan. I study Psychology at Sofia University. In my daily life, I always try to socialize, be friendly to others, and be physically active. I like all sorts of sports I have trained basketball for 10 years. I still practice it from time to time. Besides, I am also a big fan of football. Among my hobbies are also listening to music, playing video games, going to various social events, most of which are career-oriented. Though there’re also some related to psychology or politics.

I have been working for a second school year now. The opportunity I get to work and improve myself every day and help hundreds of people fulfills me with enthusiasm and satisfaction that I am doing something valuable for the future. At the same time, however, it teaches me to defend both my own interests and those of the people I work with.

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We DO Language Recruitment!

We DO Language Recruitment!

We support the community of outsourcing centers, sales, marketing, finance, logistics, customer support, etc. that require multiple languages and have deep knowledge of this market segment.

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